Steve Brown, Pete Porter, Shaun Tolman and Paul Kemble.

Day 1 Ivybridge to Holne.
Up on the moor saw us missing a turn. This was quite costly in effort to get back on track. We planned to use the pub and camping barn at Holne, unfortunately the pub was shut indefinitely and the camping barn had shut about 3 years ago. A local we spoke to allowed us to use one of his fields.

Day 2 Holne to Drewsteignton. Unfortunately one of the team dropped out, however as a result of this he then got his car and was able to support and carry all the gear. This made it easier to get to camp sites and meant only a day bag needed to be carried. Good campsite just north of Drewsteignton.

Day 3. Drewsteignton to Witheridge.
The mid devon section. If you think it’s the flat bit between Dartmoor and Exmoor you will be in for a shock. The hills may not be as steep but just seem to go on and on. There had been rain over night which meant getting wet and muddy in places. Campsite not far off route.

Day 4. Witheridge to Withypool.
Getting up on to Exmoor and towards the final leg. Whilst the scenery so far had been good, it now became stunning. Campsite was off route so glad there was transport.

Day 5. Withypool to Lynmouth.
Yet more stunning scenery made even better as we approached Lynmouth, this really was stunning. see attached picture looking down into Lynmouth

In general this was a good walk with good signage and tracks in most places. For some reason the markings changed from black to blue. Some signs were hidden in the hedges or not too obvious and so we took some wrong turns.
I found Dartmoor and Exmoor national park authorities very helpful.
One downside was that the businesses listed on the information sheets is not always up to date, as we found out at Holne. You need to check.[Editors note: Through the recent work to renew the route this site has been established with up to date information]. 
It also helped greatly having support with a vehicle, not sure if we would of finished without it.

On arriving at Lynmouth the national park visitor center has a book to sign and gave us a certificate of achievement. Many thanks for that.

We did the walk for charity and raised around the £800.

All in all a good long distance walk but make sure you are well prepared.

Start point: Ivybridge
Finish point: Lynmouth
Distance travelled: 102 miles
Started: 25/05/2016
Walking time: 5 days