My husband RICHARD started this with me (Liz) driving him between home – and start/finish points (for the first half, north to south). We are staying in Coleford (near Clannaborough) at The New Inn on 23 February 2023 with the intention of reaching Dartmoor ( Drewsteignton) the next day. Then we will return by car to East Anstey where we are staying. The rest will have to be achieved through Dartmoor via bookings which are not yet made. It’s worse winter weather than was expected and there is plenty of mud as well as short walking hours. Difficult but beautiful and easy enough to follow, though expect it to be wet underfoot – and you do need the Ordnance Survey app in mid Devon!

Start point: Lynmouth
Finish point: Clannaborough
Distance travelled: About half of the total.
Started: 22/11/2022
Walking time: 22/ 1 / 23. ( first half )