Phillip Lloyd and Karina Thunold

We did our first through hike, after several years of planning and having to postpone. Possibly in the minority in going South, but it the end was much more familiar and made sense to go that way.
Spilt the stages into Seven Days and it was just about okay. A mix of accommodation, camping on camp sites/pubs, wild camps and a couple of B&B – Would recommend the Ring O Bells as a good stay, halfway regardless of which direction you go. Met some nice people along the way, Our favourite section was around Chagford Common, Bennetts Cross and Hookney Tor – towards our wild camping spot on Hameldown. All the pubs were very helpful in refilling our water etc. The route markers over Exmoor and Dartmoor were at times difficult and you will need to read a map well to progress but the Mid Devon sections were excellently well marked.
Really pleased it was our first long distance walk and would recommend it to anyone. Likely a book to write about our experiences coming out soon.

Start point: Lynmouth
Finish point: Wembury
Distance travelled: 120 Miles / 200 KM
Started: 20/08/2023
Walking time: 7 Days