Neil Blannin

My solo effort with combination of camping and B&B was accompanied by excellent weather from start to finish with exception of day three which was a bit moody.

Day 1 – fairly gentle start making good progress from Wembury to just north of Ivybridge, Got to Ivybridge about 3pm so decided to head on out, I yomped up onto the moor and along the disused railway route until too knackered to go on , at 7pm I erected the tent in an old abandoned settlement, it was a bit spooky up there with just the wind for company.

Day 2 – Rather impressed myself that I didn’t get lost on the moor, fantastic views awesome natural landscape as headed to Widecombe-in-the-moor and the Rugglestone Inn for most splendid pie and chips.

Day 3 – weather not great so took the low road for an hour then headed up onto the moor (slightly lost for 5 minutes), wonderful views again as the weather relented, an encounter with highland cattle, lunch at the Globe in Chagford and off to Drewsteignton for a night in the pub and ‘fish and chips Wednesday’ where the option was take it of leave it.

Day 4 – starts with a shocker of a climb and probably over did it heading to Witheridge, The awesome Dartmoor given way to much softer green and muddier landscape, another encounter with cows lead to a quick escape behind an electric tape fence where I got zapped for my trouble. Stopped at the Mitre Inn for more pie and Exmoor beer.

Day 5 – the weather was great and the scenery beautiful (note – Always take time to stop and look back), through the lovely village of Knowstone and up onto Exmoor. Late arrival at Withypool meant putting the tent up in the dark before heading for the Royal Oak pub to be met by a moody landlord and barman who seemed to be having a bad day, my arrival didn’t seem to cheer them up at all. Nice pie (again) and beer (again) however and good nights kip by the river.

Day 6 – starts with a big climb, what should have been a relatively easy days walk was made harder as I took the wrong path , my effort to recover ground resulted in me hanging upside down with my head in a stream, backpack tangled in a bramble and legs knee deep in mud. much pain on the last two miles up and down into Lynmouth followed by welcome rest, pie and chips at The Bath Hotel. Happy days!

Start point: Wembury
Finish point: Lynmouth
Distance travelled: 123 miles
Started: 03/10/2016
Walking time: 6 days