Martin Valuks, Keith Willey, Barry Kennings

Great experience with some superb scenery walked at a perfect time. Royal Oak at Withypool was a great choice and a buzzing pub to stay at. The Tradesmans Arms at Scoriton had a very friendly welcome and a lovely pint of ale. Favourite bits have to be the Barle river and also the Dart near Newbridge. It was lovely to just hear the wind and the birds for a few days and slow down from the usual daily work routine. Good signing most of the way but the last stretch from Scoriton to Ivybridge could do with a few signs.

Enjoyed nearly every step of the way, just a few too many tussocks over the moor and a few unfriendly diversions around property here and there (if the path is diverted around your property – please maintain the path and sign the route efficiently since this walk brings revenue to out-of-the-way villages and keeps local communities more vibrant).

Note from the Two Moors Way Association: we are not aware of any illegal diversions along the route but will find out what is going on with reference to the last comment in this post!

Start point: Lynmouth
Finish point: Ivybridge
Distance travelled: 168km
Started: 14/06/2018
Walking time: 5 days